Reinventing an Artist's Website

Britney Spears Website Redesign, Desktop and Mobile

Header Hero Image

The last album or single out right now with quick link to the most famous streaming platforms: Spotify and Apple Music. Navigation header white with black links on the right, social icons on the left always visible.

Next Tour Dates

The first thing your fans want to see: when they can meet you. Next few dates are just after the hero top image. All next dates are simply reachable.


Every kind of news and announcements about your works. Everything your fans should know is just here.


Your merchandising in your home page. Scroll through the items horizontally with a cool background.


Your fans will be updated with your last social posts like Instagram photos, tweet on Twitter and every post on Facebook. In mobile version, there will be bigger social icons in the footer, in this way your fans can reach your posts directly in the related apps.

Footer and Mobile Slide Menu

Quick access also on mobile version thanks to the slide menu with a cool sign. At the bottom, links toyour social networks and newsletter subscription. Without forgetting rights, policy and terms.